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Relief With Your Chiropractor in Fargo and Fergus Falls

Persistent headaches. Neck pain that won’t go away. An ache in your back that won’t let you sleep or sit comfortably.

If any of this sounds familiar, then it sounds like you need a chiropractic visit at REVIV. Let our chiropractors make an adjustment for pain relief, improved function, and better health.

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Chiropractic adjustments involve your REVIV chiropractor using their hands and/or special devices to manipulate your spine and/or joints to ease body pain.

What to Expect

The Chiropractic Adjustment Process


Your chiropractor in Fargo and Fergus Falls will start with a one-on-one personal consultation. We will talk about what kind of pain you’re experiencing, if there’s any physical trauma that led to it, your activity choices and levels, and your medical history. If a chiropractic adjustment proves to be the right choice for treatment, we will schedule your session.


Your chiropractor will check your body’s musculoskeletal alignments and examine the pain areas. Often, a spinal misalignment can pinch nerves, and the pain is perceived as occurring somewhere else in the body. Instead of treating the symptoms of a disease, chiropractic adjustments are given to correct the subluxation so that normal body functions may take place. This is done by the use of a chiropractor’s hands on your back and/or by a small instrument to gently line up the vertebrae in their natural positions.


This process may take weeks or months, depending on the amount of misalignment. The nerve supply may then be restored throughout the body, and healing can take place. As your body heals, the symptoms begin to diminish. The goals are to correct structural alignment, improve your body’s physical function, and restore range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments have proven to be safe and effective when done by a skilled professional.



You’re in the driver’s seat of your health journey! We’ll be there for you all the way with choices to match your situation, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals the healthy way.


Because we treat the whole person instead of just treating the symptoms, REVIV Medical provides better results for all of you—your muscles, your mental acuity, and your spirit.


Our pain management and restorative services can help you overcome injuries and stress from athletic activities while still achieving your physical goals.

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