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Concussion Treatment

Expert Help for Concussion Treatment in Fargo and Fergus Falls

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by a blow, jolt, or impact to the head or body that results in the rapid movement of the brain within the skull. This sudden movement can lead to chemical changes in the brain and sometimes damage to brain cells.

Treatment Details

Your recovery from a concussion requires seasoned medical professionals who can identify the damage responsible for your symptoms and have the knowledge to design an effective treatment plan.

Common Symptoms of Concussions

Brain fog




Light sensitivity


Sleep disturbances

Trouble walking



Slurred speech

Loss of balance

Sound sensitivity

Imposter syndrome (not feeling like yourself)

Benefits of Concussion Treatment

Pre/Post-Care Instructions

Pre/Post-Care Instructions for Concussion Treatment in Fargo and Fergus Falls

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ComplEmentary Treatments at REVIV Medical

Concussion treatment in Fargo and Fergus Falls can work well with our other treatments for improved healing.

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Restoring Mental Wellness

Utilizing cutting-edge brain-based technology, Cereset facilitates profound relaxation, enabling stress management, renewed hopefulness, and the attainment of restorative sleep. This unique therapy empowers the brain’s self-reset mechanism without use of any external intervention, stimuli, or medication.

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