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Nutritional Medicine for Weight Loss

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Lifelong Health With Nutritional Weight Loss in Fargo and Fergus Falls

You are what you eat, sure—but you feel what you eat, too. The nutritional value of your diet will not only help fuel your activities, but it can also help your body perform at peak levels.

When aiming to lose weight, it’s crucial to ensure that the calories you consume offer optimal nourishment for your body. Our nutritional weight loss program at REVIV assists you in identifying the right foods to incorporate, crafting meal plans tailored for maximum effectiveness. Most importantly, we teach you how to effectively detox with our Medical Food Detox protocols that will fast track you to feeling better, losing weight and maintaining weight loss. We want to EMPOWER YOU with tools that help you long-term!

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Benefits of Nutritional Medicine for Weight Loss



You’re in the driver’s seat of your weight loss journey! We’ll be there for you all the way with choices to match your situation, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals the healthy way.


Our treatments are results-driven. You’ll lose weight, gain confidence, and discover the energy and motivation you need to live your best life.


Weight loss is the beginning to restoring your health and wellbeing. We have the therapies, education, and state-of-the-art tools to reconnect you with your optimal self.

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Check out our integrative team of wellness and health professionals. Every REVIV professional is dedicated to helping you reach your goals through minimally invasive, non-steroidal, non-opioid approaches.

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At REVIV Medical, we’re committed to uncovering the root causes of your concerns, offering holistic solutions, and empowering your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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