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Advanced Practice for Medical and Aesthetics in Fargo and Fergus Falls

At REVIV Medical, we have the desire to inform our patients about the root causes of their issues, educate them on whole-person solutions, and help them transform and elevate their mental, physical, and spiritual health Potential (hP). With our experience in medicine we have added on aesthetics in Fargo to help create a whole rounded approach for our clients.

In essence: we solve problems. Sleep deprivation, chronic pain, physical/mobility issues, mental acuity concerns—our team addresses all of these with our patients. We don’t use drugs or any invasive methods that require prolonged downtime or healing. Instead, we encourage innate intelligence to promote healing, recovery, and restoration.

When you come to REVIV Medical, you’ll discover your body has innate powers. It’s time to unleash them for better health!

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Health for Brain & Body

We treat each patient as a whole, alleviating symptoms while treating root causes. We’ll help change your life inside and out!


Primary Care & Wellness

As your primary care source, our physicians can assess, diagnose, and manage conditions for patients of all ages.

Functional Neurology

When you’ve lost nerve function, our evidence-based functional neurology treatments deliver rehabilitation from noninvasive stimuli for effective results.

Restorative Rehab

REVIV Protocol uses rehab exercises, manual therapy, and coaching in and out of the clinic so you can live the life you deserve.

Sexual Health & Wellness

Your intimate life is an important part of health and wellness. Our treatments help you regain confidence and joy for intimacy.

Aesthetics & Body

Looking good helps you feel good! Our medical weight loss, fat reduction, and muscle building treatments help you achieve goals.

Our History

After 30 years in private practice chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, and neurology, our medical staff needed more effective treatments for our patients suffering with chronic pain and degeneration.

We put our heads together and founded an integrative model of patient care. With this framework, we utilize minimally invasive, nonpharmaceutical, nonsurgical treatments to complement our work. And work it did for so many of our patients!

We moved into the space of mindset with a noninvasive, nonpharmaceutical, nonsurgical reset of the brain. Cereset completed the model of Brain and Pain, giving REVIV Medical a unique edge on elevating one’s hP—your true health Potential.

Experience True Wellness With REVIV

When you combine modern technology and techniques with holistic treatments handed down for generations, you get the best of all health approaches.



You’re in the driver’s seat of your health journey with options that work for your unique situation and your personal preferences.


Because we treat the whole person instead of just the symptoms, REVIV Medical provides better measurable results for all of you.


Our pain management and restorative services focus on rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit for total personal transformation.

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