Where Do Stem Cells Come From?

At REVIV, we’ve seen many clients through our regenerative restoration process and a common question we get is “Where do the stem cells (SCs) come from?”

We all have SCs in our bodies. We have these SCs as a means for repair when needed, our bodies are pretty intelligent. SCs can be harvested through your own bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue. However, these methods can be painful and don’t guarantee an optimal specimen.

At REVIV, we use umbilical-derived mesenchymal SCs. Let’s break down what that means. Umbilical means the tissue to be Injected comes from the umbilical cord, which is rich in stem cells. The umbilical cord tissue is donated by parents from a live, term (fully developed) cesarean birth. The donor couple is screened for both genetic conditions and infectious diseases. Mesenchymal means these cells have the potential to turn into specific cell types (bone, cartilage, muscle, etc).

Once the delivery has occurred, a representative from the lab collects the umbilical cord specimen which is then

tested for any infectious diseases and undergoes a quarantine process. After the sample has passed, it is broken down into smaller tissue particles that can be easily injected and is then frozen down to -86F for preservation.

The labs we work with are FDA compliant with the appropriate use of HCTP (human cell tissue product, formerly known as stem cell). They are also American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited which means the lab has met standards for safety, compliance, and respect for donor families.

Cell therapy is an alternative option for both acute and chronic joint pain. Cell therapy fills the gap between failed conservative measures and surgery.


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