How Can You Improve Your Heart Health?

As we continue to focus on heart health, one of the goals of increasing awareness is prevention.

Heart Disease is a chronic inflammatory disease process that starts long before signs and symptoms are noted by your healthcare provider.

What puts people at risk for cardiovascular events (ie. stroke, heart attack) or heart disease?

  • Obesity
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking or Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
  • Obesity
  • Standard American Diet: high in packaged, inflammatory foods with low nutritional value
  • Physical Inactivity

What can you do to lower your risk?

Most of the risk factors above are modifiable, meaning you have the power to make changes in your lifestyle that can have a significant impact on lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease. Where do you start? One of our doctors can help you assess your risk factors for heart disease, and then we can create a plan for you to focus on.

  • Diet is one of your biggest assets for changing the course of your health and wellness. Working with one of our providers can help you assess your current eating habits and make simple but significant changes to what & how much you eat.
  • If you smoke and quitting seems like a radical step for you, start by decreasing the amount you smoke by 25%, give yourself time to adjust, and then go another 25%.
  • Activity: Start walking for about 15-30 minutes on a daily basis and be consistent. Set an alarm.

While we always start with diet, exercise, & other modifiable lifestyle factors, supplementation is commonly required. Our favorite supplements for heart health are:

  • Omegagenics 720: Many Americans are deficient in Omega 3 Fats (See our previous blog post for more information –  Omega 3 fats improve heart health by lower inflammation in the body and having a mild effect of thinning the blood, which decreases the risk of stroke & heart attack.
  • UltraMeal Cardiovascular 360: For those who need improvement in eating habits, UltraMeal Cardiovascular 360 is an excellent medical food meal replacement option for those needing cholesterol support.
  • CoQ10 Nutragems 300: CoQ10 is an antioxidant that protects your cells from damage due to aging, diet, toxin exposure, etc. It also helps us utilize energy (from the food we eat) more easily. Studies have shown CoQ10 can be helpful in improving cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, and managing diabetes.

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