Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fargo and Fergus Falls

Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Menopause Help With Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fargo and Fergus Falls

Let’s talk about menopause. We need to, because 91% of doctors don’t talk about it until you bring up the symptoms.

At REVIV, we’re ready to get in front of menopause and work with you to make “the change” not so challenging. Female hormone replacement therapy at REVIV replaces estrogen, which a woman’s body stops making during menopause, to reduce the incidence of hot flashes, vaginal discomfort, and more issues.

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  • Consultation Required?

    Yes, a consultation is required before we start any treatments for neurologic disorders in Fargo and Fergus Falls.

  • Downtime: 

    There is no downtime needed after female hormone replacement therapy. You’re free to go after your treatment.

  • Sessions Needed: 

    The number of sessions you need will depend on how well the HRT is working for you and the type of HRT you undergo. Regular checkups are required.

  • Results Duration:

    Some results can last for years—such as helping to ward off osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. Most female patients gradually stop using HRT after their menopause has ended.

Treatment Details

For women going through menopause, female hormone replacement therapy in Fargo and Fergus Falls can help you feel more like yourself again and address other issues caused by menopause-based hormone imbalance.

What HRT Treats


Mood swings

Hot flashes/night sweats


Vaginal itching/burning

Low libido

Hair loss

Dry skin

Breast tenderness

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause Help

Female hormone replacement therapy can help relieve most of your perimenopause and menopause symptoms to improve your quality of life.

Health Support

HRT can reduce your risk of certain diseases and issues exacerbated by menopause—such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, weight gain, and depression.

Increased Libido

Menopause can tank your sex drive. Hormone replacement therapy can bring back your libido, including helping with vaginal dryness issues.

Pre/Post-Care Instructions

Pre/Post-Care Instructions for Hormone Replacement Therapy in Fargo and Fergus Falls

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Try our treatment planning tool today!

ComplEmentary Treatments at REVIV Medical

Female hormone replacement therapy in Fargo and Fergus Falls can work well with our other treatments for improved healing.

O-Shot for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Using growth factors from your own blood plasma, our o-shot for female sexual dysfunction can increase function and libido for more satisfying intimacy.

Nutritional Medicine for Sexual Wellness

A consultation with your REVIV Medical provider can show you how to boost your libido and save your sex life with nutritional medicine for sexual wellness.

Core to Floor

Combine two noninvasive and nonsurgical energy technologies at our Fargo location to improve strength, neuromuscular control, and sexual intimacy.

Restoring Mental Wellness

Utilizing cutting-edge brain-based technology, Cereset facilitates profound relaxation, enabling stress management, renewed hopefulness, and the attainment of restorative sleep. This unique therapy empowers the brain’s self-reset mechanism without use of any external intervention, stimuli, or medication.

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