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Functional Health From Your Wellness Center in Fergus Falls

Our integrative medicine approach pairs conventional medicine with other evidence-based natural treatments for restoration, rejuvenation, and the ability to live life how you want.

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Improving Wellness in Fergus Falls, Minnesota

When you come to REVIV, you’re treated as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms. We’ll help alleviate pain as we treat the root causes of your issues.

Primary Care & Wellness

As your primary care source, our physicians can assess, diagnose, and manage conditions in patients of all ages.


Functional Neurology

When you’ve lost nerve function, our evidence-based functional neurology treatments deliver rehabilitation from noninvasive stimuli for effective results.

Restorative Rehab

REVIV protocol uses rehab exercises, manual therapy, and coaching in and out of the clinic so you can live the life you deserve.

Sexual Health & Wellness

Your intimate life is an important part of health and wellness. Our treatments help you regain confidence and joy for intimacy.

Benefits of Your Wellness Center in Fergus Falls


You’re in the driver’s seat of your health journey at REVIV, with options that work for your unique situation.


We treat the whole person instead of just the symptoms, which means better results for you inside and out.


Our pain management and restorative services focus on rejuvenation and transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

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