Neurodegenerative Disease in Fargo and Fergus Falls

Neurological Disorders

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Help for Neurologic Disorders in Fargo and Fergus Falls

Most of us don’t have a choice when neurodegenerative disease strikes. But you do have choices for how to manage the disease at REVIV Medical.

You may choose to pursue a completely nonpharmacological, nonsurgical treatment path, or you may want to add our therapies to your current medication regimen.

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  • Consultation Required?

    Yes, a consultation is required before we start any treatments for neurologic disorders in Fargo and Fergus Falls.

  • Downtime: 

    Because our treatments are all nonsurgical, noninvasive, and nonpharmaceutical, there is usually no downtime needed after a treatment session.

  • Sessions Needed: 

    Because no two patients are exactly alike, the number of sessions needed will change depending on the issue being treated, its severity, and the specific therapy.

  • Results Duration:

    The length of time your positive results will last depends on how aggressive the neurologic disorder is and how capable your body is for training/healing.

Treatment Details

The brain and nervous system as a whole are majestic systems, but when they go awry because of injury (falls, concussions, impact), disorders or emotional distress (PTSD, nervous breakdown) they operate less efficiently and everything that once was easy to do, like walk, talk, process information becomes difficult.

Neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and ALS currently have no cure. However, we offer treatments and therapies that can help manage, limit, and/or slow their effects.

Our functional neurology team uses a non pharmacological, non invasive approach to restoring your brain and nervous system function.

Common Symptoms of Neurodegenerative Disease


Memory loss/forgetfulness

Loss of cognitive function

Changes in behavior

Loss of inhibition

Tingling or numbness


Muscle spasms



Coordination/mobility issues

Balance problems

Hunched posture


Benefits of Functional Neurologic Treatment


Our full spectrum of nonsurgical, nonpharmacological treatments includes therapies, treatments, rehabilitation, and bioelectric therapies that can help you manage multiple symptoms.


If you’re on medical prescriptions from your doctor, our treatments do not use any pharmaceuticals, making them excellent as additional, supportive treatments.


Our team of doctors has meticulously curated the treatments and therapies we offer, delivering only the safest and most effective available to date.

Pre/Post-Care Instructions

Pre/Post-Care Instructions for Neurologic Disorder Therapy in Fargo and Fergus Falls

Plan Your Treatment

Try our Treatment Planning Tool to explore treatment options whenever you want.

Try our treatment planning tool today!

ComplEmentary Treatments at REVIV Medical

Addressing neurodegenerative disease in Fargo and Fergus Falls can involve coaching, training, and lifestyle knowledge for improved at-home care.

Balance & Incoordination 

Our team finds the root causes of your balance and coordination issues—from concussion to neurodegenerative disease and more. We’ll work together to regain as much balance and coordination as possible, while also enhancing your overall quality of life

Brain Training  

When stress, illness, injury or traumatic events have created issues for your health and well-being, our Cereset program can help retrain your brain to function with balance and harmony for improved mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical health.

Nutrition for Your Brain

Your brain is the command center of your body, mind, and emotions. Give it the fuel it needs to operate at optimum levels through REVIV Medical’s personalized nutritional counseling, hormone replacement therapy, and/or vitamin injections.

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