Holiday Digestive Support

It’s the most wonderful time of the year..from sugary treats to holiday cocktails, the holiday season is filled with irresistible food and drink options. However, many palate-pleasing options aren’t very friendly for our digestive systems.


What exactly is it about the holiday season that makes our digestive systems so miserable? We have holidays accompanied by less-than-healthy food options, starting with Halloween or tailgating parties in the fall and continuing through Easter. These occasions are commonly associated with increased alcohol consumption, heavy foods, decreased fiber intake, large portions, and stress. Our less-than-ideal food and beverage choices can lead to increased bloating, reflux, slowed digestion, irregularity, and abdominal discomfort.


Aside from poor nutrition, we also move less throughout the winter and our digestive system needs the body to move in order for it to function properly.


Higher levels of stress throughout the holiday season can also affect digestion. When stress is high, a hormone called cortisol is elevated which leads to inflammation in the gut, imbalances bacteria in the gut, and slows the digestion process by decreasing blood flow to the gut.


What can you do to improve digestion throughout the holiday season?

If digestion is a problem for you outside the holiday season, our providers at REVIV are experts in advising you toward optimal digestion.


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